Increase your sales leads in Campus by 57%

Increase your sales leads in Campus by 57%

Marketing & Design on Tap

Campus has revolutionised how education businesses...

control their education strategy, but not every business has the luxury of in-house education strategists, designers and copywriters to create professional marketing content that speaks with teachers on their level. Our team can work with you to create the perfect strategy and content to entice your target audience to engage with you.

How it Works

Generate a consistent and predictable flow of leads

Each month our team of education experts will manage the strategic and creative aspects of your education marketing. We’ll build, optimise and scale your target audience’s customer value journey and turn your education strategy into an evergreen lead generating machine. All for an affordable monthly fee.

What's Included

Full-service education marketing experts at your service!

Our experts are on hand to fulfil your education marketing objectives. We’ll plan, design and execute: email copywriting, design and coding, in-app deployment, blog creation, social media (organic, PPC and remarketing) management, value asset design and copywriting, landing page design, sales enablement content creation, customer value journey design and implementation, sales sequence communications copywriting, direct mail design and much more.

Choose your Marketing Support Plan

Pick the plan that will suit your business’s objectives and demands. The first month of your Marketing Support Plan will comprise of us getting under the hood of your business, establish your value proposition, create your story script, and design your customer value journey.

<p class="colour-snitch para-xlarge"><strong>£3000</strong>/month</p>


  5 days marketing management
  Customer journey execution
  Monthly Zoom strategy call
  Dedicated Strategy Manager
  Custom Slack channel
  Marketing email content & design
  Campaign deployment
  Target audience building

<p class="colour-gillyweed para-xlarge"><strong>£4200</strong>/month</p>


  7 days marketing management
  Everything in the Starter Pack
  Sales enablement sequences
  Value asset creation
  Landing pages
  Social media daily posts
  Dormancy/Re-engagement sequences
  Hunt strategy & sequence

<p class="colour-ford para-xlarge"><strong>£5800</strong>/month</p>


  10 days marketing management
  Everything in the Specialist Pack
  Website optimisation consultancy
  CTA web banners
  Social Media PPC
  Social Media Re-Marketing

“Sprint Education's designs generated 43% more leads than our own designs.”

Sina Ataherian - Founder, My Tutor

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