K12 Schools, Teachers & District Staff

Access the only United States schools, colleges, and districts database available within the UK. Build transatlantic relationships with 6.8m K12 teachers, decision makers, and educators directly.


Principals and
Senior Admin


Dept. Chair (K12),
Curriculum Staff


Subject and
Class Teachers


and District Staff


Gain valuable insights into the US education sector including shifts in enrolment and Title 1 funding. District and institution records include demographic variables as well as proprietary indices and key trends.


Our Data Team manage the data you access daily, making on average 600K updates per month, and two district-level updates annually.


Unlock your ideal audience within our pool of education contacts, split across 600 job roles, from school and district leaders, to subject and support staff.


Profile establishments based on type, location, demographics, finance, performance, AP classes enrolment, IB programs, and identify Blue Ribbon Schools.

Accuracy & Updates

The world's most advanced K12 schools database

So you can build laser-focused marketing lists that reach current K12 decision makers within the US education system our team of Data Managers work tirelessly to generate on average 600,000 monthly updates to our US education database. Each state is worked through on a cyclical sequence, district-level updates are completed twice annually, and email bounce reports are cleared and verified weekly, ensuring that your communications are reaching the right contact.

Target, Connect, Sell

Reach K12 education audiences directly

Launch exciting new marketing and sales campaigns direct to the people you want to reach within US schools, colleges and districts. Subscribe to our K12 schools database today and you’ll have the capacity to reach up to 6.8 million K-12 educators, school principals, district superintendents, and 600+ other educator roles, and deliver your communications direct to their at-work email inboxes.

24 Million Data Points

6.8m Staff emails + advanced school demographics.

Drill down your K12 marketing content and US target audiences based on dynamic demographic data. Our database allows any education business to create segmentation campaigns based on hundreds of variables, including data on type, location, demographics, finance, performance, AP classes enrolment, IB programs, Blue Ribbon School, ethnicity, status, pupils, and much more.

Our education data is built upon the understanding that if our data isn’t near enough perfect, then you're results will be affected. That’s why we prioritise a huge portion of the company's funds into its continued development, maintenance, and expansion, so our customers make more direct connections with US educators than anyone else.

Guy - Co-Founder

“Campus has revolutionised the way I attract teachers. I am delighted with the growth in my customer base.”

Sally Weatherly, Founder - Guzled

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Access the education data and start contacting teachers!

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