Direct mail to schools & staff pigeon holes

Direct mail to schools & staff pigeon holes

"Recently, the performance and prominence of postal being used as a channel within cutting-edge education strategies has risen as education service providers now use a new form of direct mail.

We can, of course, offer you classic high-volume postal campaigns, but we've now introduced the world's first education-focused programmatic direct mail service - Pigeon Hole; a low-budget, highly responsive mail solution direct to teachers."

Selina - Head of Support & Pigeon Hole

Pigeon Hole / About

The most intelligent and responsive direct mail campaigns ever!

With direct mail being unattainable for some suppliers to schools, we decided to disrupt the edu-marketing world with Pigeon Hole - a programmatic mail service to schools that is affordable and highly responsive.

Pigeon Hole / How We Do It

Personalised mail-pieces sent direct to teachers' pigeon holes in real-time

Working in conjunction with our managed services or Campus, we design, print, and post personalised mail-pieces direct to your leads as they interact with your marketing in real-time.

Pigeon Hole / The "Wow" Factor

Focused, small-scale, high-converting post that ensures your brand leaves its mark on teachers.

Mail-pieces can include a hand-fixed stamp, bespoke coloured envelopes, and overprinted faux handwritten addresses to vastly increase open rates. We can even include handwritten notes and vouchers within the mail-pieces to truly "wow" and engage your freshest batch of teacher leads.

Direct Mail / About

High-volume direct mail campaigns, designed, printed, and dispatched to schools.

Our expert designers will create content for your postal campaign that strikes a chord with teachers. We'll print your creative material and finally personalise, process, and dispatch to your target audience.

“I've already had over 90 bookings! The value of these orders is over £50,000, which is incredible!”

Umar Hameed - Director, Athletes in Schools

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