January 2021 Results - Email Marketing to Teachers

January 2021 Results - Email Marketing to Teachers

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Matthew Ward
Published: 4th February 2021

We wanted to serve you our most useful information, no filler or frills. So, here it is:

Emailing teachers now, the facts:

  • Open rates for January 2021 were significantly up on pre-COVID rates from January 2020.
  • Average open rates: +4.7%
  • Average click-to-open rates: +9.9%
  • Teachers received up to 68% less marketing in previous lockdowns, leaving a considerable gap for marketers.
  • Teachers check emails up to twice as much during lockdown due to increased screen time.
  • Keep tabs on the stats here; we update them each month.

Read our latest edu-marketing article:

In “What to do with your education marketing during lockdown 3.0” we talk about lockdown marketing strategies, then and now.

Sprint’s Lockdown Email Marketing Directory:

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